Fees for Anaesthesia

We can provide a reasonable estimate of the fee for anaesthetic services associated with your operation or procedure, limited to anaesthetic costs only.

It does not include services provided by any other doctors or facilities. It is an estimate only, and is subject to change. Since part of the fee depends on the duration of your operation or procedure, which may vary, the final fee may be greater or less than this estimate. Sometimes additional unforeseen services are required which may incur additional fees.

Our fees are prepared in accordance with the Relative Value Guide (RVG) produced by the Australian Society of Anaesthetists (ASA) and the Australian Medical Association (AMA). This guide determines the value of the anaesthetic services based on your age, physical health, the nature and duration of the operation and whether any other associated consultations or anaesthetic procedures are required to provide the highest standard of care and safety for your anaesthesia and surgery. You will receive a rebate from Medicare, and your Health Fund, however, these rebates frequently do not cover the true cost of your anaesthetic services, and there may be a shortfall ("the gap") that you will be required to pay yourself.

Our anaesthetists are not in a partnership, and according to ACCC recommendations, determine their fees individually for each procedure.

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